About the Author

Ronald Rudin is a professor of History at Concordia University in Montreal. He has published six books and numerous articles that touch upon the economic, social, intellectual and cultural history of French Canada. He has long had an interest in how the public comes to understand the past, which has drawn him to study the power of commemorative events. His most recent work, Remembering and Forgetting in Acadie: A Historian's Journey through Public Memory (University of Toronto Press, 2009), is closely connected with this website and continues this interest in the connections between history and the larger public. The book focuses on a series of Acadian commemorative events that took place in 2004-5, a subject that he has also told in the documentary film Life After Île Ste-Croix, made in conjunction with Leo Aristimuño and distributed by the National Film Board of Canada.

As a further reflection of his interest in the links between history and the larger public, Rudin has been active in the creation of the Public History program at Concordia. He has also been involved with the development of Concordia's Centre for Canadian Irish Studies and is part of a research group exploring the links between Ireland and Quebec.

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